Alert the impressed I've just arrived. This carpet's a mess. I'm not surprised. I'm not even upset. I'm set up in defense to survive through the static. I'm tested and uptight. Setting the sun just short of night so no one can see me up to no good again against this light.

Nobody's watching. Nobody's waiting. Nobody feels the way I do tonight. Nobody's wanting. Now who's laughing? Nobody fills me in the way you do tonight I feel for you.

Nobody cares to know my affairs where parasites are hosting their parties. I'll invite all of my demons in, keep us up all night reading between the lines of life. Dare be the devil. I just might make appearances in the sincerest of sins since knowing nobody's watching.

The mood is right and music's low so I can't hear us on the radio singing songs about the inevitable night that ends with us intense, pretending we're responsible for making this seem possible when we know it's not. You see, it's easier to just agree that we are who you came to see. Don't kid yourself by kidding me. I'm on to you. You're on to me. We're on to something here hearing us in stereo.


from Sunset Of Seven Bluettes & "People" Demo, released January 1, 2007


all rights reserved



Ryan Richardson New York, New York

I picked up the guitar as a kid and have been making a mess ever since.

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