Unfathomable Depths

by Batter The Drag



Recorded/Mixed by Bob Hoag @ Flying Blanket Studios.

Music by Batter The Drag.
Lyrics by Ryan Richardson.

© 2004 Batter The Drag


released September 10, 2004

Ryan Richardson - Vocals/Guitars
Jeff Ruoss - Guitars/Vocals
Wes Volkman - Bass
Chad Martin - Drums


all rights reserved



Ryan Richardson New York, New York

I picked up the guitar as a kid and have been making a mess ever since.

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Track Name: Bezel
We're all computers pacing the makers and taking our chances without any advances to the many advantages of being the only breakers in bandages.

We do things a little bit different here.

It's been a long time since I've been a crime worth committing yourself to.

It takes two fingers to please us. Well, I've got one for your Jesus for giving me all the diseases I'm dying from.

It's standing room only at my show. Off with their heads. Hold 'em high. Let 'em know that now is not the time to throw in the towel or bow out. A pow-wow of power trips and transistor relationships breaking up in the process of conducting electricity through crosses.

It feels so good to be here. How long do you think I could stay? And what if I stay too long and become a wallflower that blossoms into a bomb?
Track Name: Firewater Allergy
Sore eyes sewn shut to shun the sun's intentions unto me. There's nowhere left to run. There's nothing left to lose but a face covered in blisters and buried in the sand. A mask of dead skin and insects. Oceans exist in photographs. Escape's a laughing matter of fact I can't take back. My action's are spoken for.

I know not what I do. I can't be held to another summer spent stepping over skeletons and killing ants.

Should I break my neck to look in your direction? A new infection's setting in and I'm scratching it with your dirty fingernails, shedding my scales to set the dials straight.

Sore eyes sewn shut to shun the sun.
Sweat in my eyes.
Track Name: L
Irrelevant but important none-the-less unless it's called into question. It's helped the healing process when the losses, although great, aren't mentioned.

I'll turn you on but any means necessary.

Ready or not so fast. Let's put the past into perspectives and put it past us before them. Effective as of now and then.

I fell to break my fall from the tall, dark tower where I call out suggestions. In telling me what you're like you are giving me the complexion.

I'll turn you on by any means necessary to get you off the hook and on the line.

Make some noise and then explode all at once or not all. It's your call to make.

Danger! Danger! This is not a threat yet! Only a warning waiting in line for a chance to become it.

Ready or not so fast. Let's put the past into perspectives and put it past us before them. Effective as of now and again.
Track Name: Douse The Edisons
It's enough to make you want to take the color out of it and the darker that it gets the more that I want the light to shine to see between the lines.

The shadows speak in sign and they're telling us we're fine as long as our illuminations are behind us now and we want the light to shine to see between the lines.

We are the prisoners of a prism life sentence. We glow in the gutters looking up at the stars like serpents. The glitter is gone. The sparkle fades with every glimpse in the distance. The spectrum will spin and spend the night spreading the white like violence.

We want the light to shine because everyone is blinded by the light that shines down in their eyes.
Track Name: Counting Back From One
We're fighting fire with pharmacy. We're fitting in with infirmary. We're trading favors for family. We're flirting with informality. So we bat our lashes and blink our eyes like moths fluttering in a flattering light. You can almost see through our wings. Wings that wear their wires well and touch the tips of time will tell. December's full of traitors. Their wounds will hide them well like dust in a coffin, coughing. Stealing glances from the side of the story glorified. Fighting phantoms in random fantasies full of realities. Stand up a slave and stay that way till we get back. Stand up and save the chains that change your hearts to black. We are counting down from one to come to a common sense that knowing nothing's our defense. We better make this quick. Panic has a tight grip over me. In it's fist I fight for life. Breath being the best friend I've ever had till choking occurs and then I'm all out of that. Bad idea in the first place. I'm starting to think this is just a case of facing the fact I forgot about. I need corrective lenses to see through this outside focus for us at least. So stand up a slave and save yourself. We are counting down from one to come to a common sense that knowing nothing's our defense against the defenseless.

Stand up and be saved.
Track Name: A Remorse Code
Is this what you expected? Your culture's a lung and we're out of breath. Your sound's asleep in the sun. We're tasting your lies by kissing with tongues tied. You can't fill the shoes that walk with our stride.

These words are a war when this mind is on fire. Can you light me? Can you write me off for trying to cough when I'm choking on stages made for a soft-hearted slave in a paycheck's parade and I'm paid in pride for the price of my impatience.

I wish I could make sense of this relationship between the coward and the courageous liar but it doesn't make a difference. The indifference of my opinions are subject to change depending on whether or not you're listening.

Are you listening?
Are you listening to me?

Are you listening to me scream at you for selling your soul and saving your truths to be told? Then call it a means to end this foreboding. Everything your broken fingers touch turn into gold and I hold the hands that clap in a remorse code.