Sunset Of Seven Bluettes & "People" Demo

by Matter Antimatter



Recorded by Ian Love.
Mixed by Sean @ The Wild Arctic Studios.
People Demo Recorded by Phil Gold & Johnny McAuliffe.

Music by Matter Antimatter.
Lyrics by Ryan Richardson.

© 2007 Matter Antimatter


released January 1, 2007

Ryan Richardson - Vocals
Phil Gold - Guitars
Johnny McAuliffe - Guitars/Vocals
Vincent Venturella - Bass
Andy Action - Drums


all rights reserved



Ryan Richardson New York, New York

I picked up the guitar as a kid and have been making a mess ever since.

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Track Name: People (Demo)
I am all ears via-satellite. I am all eyes via-camera disguise. I am ready to be realized. On your command - I'm standing by <initialize> to set my sights on new horizons. Send them a sign that I am signing off for good this time. Leaving behind my primary protocol for paradise because I am through with being your device. I am my own machine, [MAN].

Simon won't be saying anything anymore. Now it's "Hal Says" and Hal says [DANCE] to the algorithms. Analog [IS OPTIONAL]. We sing our own song now. It goes like this, "Let's set our sights".....

If sight is what you seek then send them a sign that we are signing off for good this time. Leaving behind our primary protocol for paradise because we are through with being your device. We are more than machines, [MAN].


let's get digital
i want to get digital

lEt'S gEt DiGiTaL!

"I am through with being your device".....

I am through with this conception. My connection to you is infected. As expected your empire's at an end. I am done with these exceptions, these extensions. Please accept this virus. Your empire is CTRL+ALT+DEL'ed.

[we talked about this]
Track Name: Marks
It's a hard knock living as an object of my affection. It's in darkness that you become a princess. Undressed and pressed against this pavement, pinned like an angel, your wings spread out across this cement caress, you're unable of flight. Don't fight me because if you won't give it to me I will take it from you. What's yours is mine and what's mine I am giving to you.

I'm only out for a little fun at your expense.
It's none of your business.
I'm only out for a little fun.
Indiscretion is unnecessary.

Your bite is bigger than your barks but it only turns me on even more now that the marks will remind me of how proud of you I am.

If you won't give it to me I will take it from you. What's yours is mine and what's mine I am giving to you.

The harder this gets...
The softening of your skin against mine...
Your breath on my neck...
The taste of your teeth...
The tears in your eyes...
The fear in your eyes when you see me smiling.

I'm only out for some fun.
I'm only out for someone.
Track Name: Ghosts In The Windows
Red the lights running your mouth. Laugh it off out loud. Sounding off in silence through ground wires tapping out. The fire's burning down bridges built with whispers.

I doubt you could see heaven from these clouds we're standing around on looking down into the eyes of innocents spinning in circles in self defenses.

When thoughts of you unfold no words can I withhold. The younger I get older knowing nothing lasts forever.

I'm told you could see heaven from these clouds we're standing around on looking down into the eyes of innocents spinning in circles in self defense.

For the falling out and the fitting in.
For the few and far between the far behind.
For the first of times and the last of lines....
Are you looking up staring back at us?

You could see heaven from these clouds we're standing around on looking down into the eyes of innocents spinning in circles in self defenses.
Track Name: "wolf"
Just to get a reaction I'm speaking louder than words enough to admit this but I'm glad I bear witnesses to keep an eye on the herd. (It isn't up to me) Just to get some attention I'll talk in tongues to be heard. Hurry and hear me. Am I coming in clearly? First, second or third? (In person I prefer)

Like little white flies on big, black walls we stick out like sore thumbs pressed against the blueprints. Not since these hints have you thought about those things in such a nonsensical perspective. The objective here is to seem sincere while swallowing someone's pride so you can spit images of their purpose.

(So what are we waiting for?)

Counting sheep to be shepherds? That's like pulling teeth because you're bored. Important enough to be the imposters who want to be ignored. (You're an audible fool) Do those ears make us sexy? You don't sound so assured.

Like ghosts we hide in hindsight blinded by headlights so half-eaten moths can hold mirrors up to offer us a rear view of mostly bright sides and suggestions we take in stride to strut our stuff when the time is right.

I am calling you out to come inside when the time is right.
Track Name: Bark! The Moonbat Sings
Covered in blood I am bled to believe I'm cut up in things I can't understand. With these holes in my hands it's too hard to hold on to you without letting go of myself. Narrow your minds and read mine like a book about someone else I'm trying to be and dying to know. Literally dying to know. In no position now to disagree that I was taking you for granted. Sorry, but my Dad, he told me to. Who knew you would end it. Who knows maybe I would end it too but I'm not the one who believes in me.

At least I have somewhere to rest my head. Up here I am king. Down there I'm nothing but a man who will live for himself, by himself and buys himself the time to agree that I was taking you for granted.

I'm not the one who believes in me.

Forget what I said. This is freaking me out. It's freaking me out and I think I'm about to forget these things and forgive you like it's nothing to me. Why? Because I'm tired of this. So tired of this distance between us. I doubt you even notice that this is now killing me - making me out to be something more than I am.
Track Name: Static (In Stereo)
Alert the impressed I've just arrived. This carpet's a mess. I'm not surprised. I'm not even upset. I'm set up in defense to survive through the static. I'm tested and uptight. Setting the sun just short of night so no one can see me up to no good again against this light.

Nobody's watching. Nobody's waiting. Nobody feels the way I do tonight. Nobody's wanting. Now who's laughing? Nobody fills me in the way you do tonight I feel for you.

Nobody cares to know my affairs where parasites are hosting their parties. I'll invite all of my demons in, keep us up all night reading between the lines of life. Dare be the devil. I just might make appearances in the sincerest of sins since knowing nobody's watching.

The mood is right and music's low so I can't hear us on the radio singing songs about the inevitable night that ends with us intense, pretending we're responsible for making this seem possible when we know it's not. You see, it's easier to just agree that we are who you came to see. Don't kid yourself by kidding me. I'm on to you. You're on to me. We're on to something here hearing us in stereo.
Track Name: Tarnation
Opposites attract but I'm too distracted to notice you like that. Not like this is even worth my time. Odds are I'll be out of it by the time you're here as my hero, Captain Sarcastic, taker of drastic measures to make us aware of his genius. He is us. We are him. We all win. We'll never lose ourselves again.

A compass that points us in directions that exist don't do us a thing. Anything to keep us headed West would be nice but best we stay Back East for the rest of our lives. Taking you under impressions worth leaving on minds worth deceiving. You have to believe me. I'm giving the answers by asking the questions. Deception's the only way I know how to impress you.

I'm all dressed up but I've got somewhere to go. Sometimes it's the simple things that make you think you know.

Someone stop me if you've heard this one before. I'm not sure of anything anymore. The more I try to help the more I end up helping myself.

There's no such thing as a human just being.

If all were is what we are than who are we to just be?
Track Name: Vaudeville Song
So I'm all kinds of cutting a rug. I'm all hips, handshakes and hugs. I'm all sorts of contortionist. Think fast so you don't slow me down. I make friends for the benefit then I'm double-crossed like a Capulet. I'm all for the Law Of Fives. I'm alive to be right eight of my nine lives but it doesn't have to be this way if you're willing to adjust accordingly. You must change to challenge me I am afraid to inform you. For your information it's my marginalia that makes this all untrue.

It doesn't have to be this way, just do everything that I say. Sing! Sing the Vaudeville Song! Come on! Sing it like a vaudevillian! Sing it up to the satellites then take it back to the not-so-brights. Take heart the subtle tease of a mind primed in 23's. You know I'm down for some Rochambeau for a shotgun seat to the Matter show but it doesn't have to be this way if you would just adjust already. You must choose your weapons wisely to wage war with my Fnords. It doesn't have to be this way if you tilt your windmills, bow your heads and prey on the weakest, tongue-in-cheekest of the nameless scientists or the lesser of two evils splitting atoms to even out the odds and ends.

All rights reversed for friends of Eris and her hints to insignificance. Do you know not to eat from the tree of gold apples in innocence? In a sense this is Discordiance.