Shotgung Funeral

by Gung



Recorded one Summer day in 2014 by Rich Crescenti at SAE Institute in Manhattan. Mixed and mastered by Will at Dead Air Studios. Music by Gung. Lyrics by Ryan Richardson. © 2015 Gung


released February 17, 2015

Tom Broucksou - Telebass
Jason Crawford - Drums
Ryan Richardson - Vocals/Guitars


all rights reserved



Ryan Richardson New York, New York

I picked up the guitar as a kid and have been making a mess ever since.

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Track Name: When The Lights Go Down In Mexico
When the lights go down in Mexico the stars come out at night.
Where the people stare into the sun and wonder what went right.
Then the time will come for everyone to wander in the day.
And the lights go down in Mexico and I can find my way.

The red and yellow hue of horizons yet to come will fade into the distances and blue will turn to dust, a brighter shade of life will rise out of our differences.

We're only here for the rest of our lives so why do we spend it on opposite sides? We should be spending our time in the light instead of the darkness that keeps us inside.

So let me go out the way I came in.
Track Name: Drunk On A Monday
i am i am american
i think i think i can
wink wink i win win big again
me big american
me better think again
i am i am not better than
the rest the rest of them
i am i am no different
than the rest of them
me better think again

we are the same inside
we wear the same disguise

big heads big wigs butt nothing but
powers that be corrupt
opt out get loud
start shutting down
or shutting up
but don't interrupt
i am i am no citizen
i am a human being
i am i am american
ignorant immigrant
just touristing

these colors don't run because they're bought and sold for souls
by self-serving prophets filling their pockets full of gold
believing in something used to mean something but
we can't be bothered 'cuz we're just too busy
bystanding behind open doors

we are reflections cast in mirrors and set in stone
we are projected images of what we're shown
we are electing leaders based on what we know
but we don't enough about ourselves
Track Name: Rue The Day Then Ruin The Night
I fell in love with the space between us and this place that we're in where I don't feel a thing anymore.

A mistake or a denial.
On a break for a little while.
Tribulated/Separated then retrialed.
Your impatience makes me smile.

I'm sick and tired of sticking my neck out for you now that we're here in this place we've been through.

You are so out of sight/out of mind.
Track Name: Ghost Pizza
She never sleeps and she never lets you rest. She keeps you up and calms you down in the same breath. You're not a guest and you're never quite at home but always welcome so even when you go the light's on when you get back because you can't stay away so come out and play.

It'll be the death of me I'm sure but guess it beats the life I had before. Now I'm a stranger in my own neighborhood and every avenue's a new chance to escape.

Go out or stay in. I'm just saying that's how it goes.

I drink her sour milk from breasts of bitter cold. Her moldy body I have stolen glances at. She bats off eyesores over bruised and broken skin. She's rotten to the core and blackened from within.
Track Name: Quantanamera
The time has come to kill the noise. Let's pull the plug and just rejoice in silences we're hearing for the first time since we struck that chord.

We made out like bandits in an abandoned warehouse throwing fits to an audience indifferent but maybe amused for a bit.

So goodbye, boy, time does fly but now it's time for you to go.

We had a ball until we threw it all away like we always do.
We had a ball until we lost it all by always not following through.