No Wonderland

by Superblonde



Recorded May 13th/14th of 2017 at Mollusk Studio. Tracked, mixed, and mastered by John Meredith. All music by Superblonde. All lyrics by R. Artwork by A.

Ryan - Vocals/Guitars
Alex - Bass/Gang Vox
Jason - Drums/Percussion/Gang Vox

© 2017 Superblonde


released July 14, 2017


all rights reserved



Ryan Richardson New York, New York

I picked up the guitar as a kid and have been making a mess ever since.

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Track Name: No Wonderland
Silent yet ancient, what secrets do you keep?
Storied but pompous, does dreaming help you sleep?

Outside your golden door the poor and tired die.

Giant and brazen, how wretched are your lies?
Huddled in masses we'll be for your demise
yearning to breathe the air of your winds gone by.

Down the rabbit hole we go.
Track Name: Shame On Youth
Ten cents is a dime too many to make a difference when you've got nothing left to lose 'cuz you’re spending all your time throwing curses in a well that is a drier than a sea hiding cities made of gold.

Charon Obol eyes have blinded you to truths that you can’t see 'cuz lies were told so much they're true.

Take what you can get and get out while you can.

Hey, even Odin's point of view was influenced by a mime.
Track Name: 5th Of July
You're amazing.
Yeah, you think you are.

You're a liar.

You're impressive for an imbecile.
You're an imbecile.
Track Name: Discordia
Not every freedom comes at a cost.
Sometimes it’s stolen.
Sometimes it’s lost.

Those red and white stripes are prison bars.
Those stars in blue skies are only scars on human skin.

Those little boxes
you put us in
just let us notice
our differences
aren’t different at all.

It's all your fault.
Track Name: Eris Or Bust
Someone pulled the rug out from under us.
Someone called our bluff and now we can't be trusted.
Someone should’ve pushed us in a new direction
but someone threw us under the bus instead.

Eris is watching us, waiting to see if we will kill ourselves.
She’s always watching us, letting us be, ‘cuz she knows we will eventually.

Someone cast a shadow on our sunny days.
Someone rained on our parade and now it's delayed.
Someone hung us out to dry in third degree.
Everybody wants to die with dignity.
Track Name: Kallisti
Not every mirror on the wall
tells you who’s fairest of them all.
Not every picture’s worth the words.
Not every portrait shows a cursed person.

A perfect reflection of your face exists
on every piece of broken glass in your fist.

We’re painting by memory
an image of yesterday
but colors will fade away
by tomorrow night.