by Marks



Tracks 1,2,3 Recorded/Mixed by Will @ Dead Air Studios.
Tracks 4,5 Recorded by Tom Broucksou.

All music by Marks.
Lyrics by Ryan Richardson.

© 2010 Marks


released November 1, 2010

Ryan Richardson - Vocals/Guitars
Tom Broucksou - Guitars
Jody Smith - Drums
Sol - Bass


all rights reserved



Ryan Richardson New York, New York

I picked up the guitar as a kid and have been making a mess ever since.

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Track Name: At The Base Of The Black Hill
I never wanted to make amends. I never wanted to take these bends around again into dead ends. I never wanted to get ahead. I never wanted to break this bread to feed instead of being fed up with the way it was when the sky fell down to the dirt because there's nothing dividing between where your eyes meet the sun and something's inviting you to come undone and join us in thanking the powers that be for all they are taking from us to be free from our horizons. It don't make any sense to be compromising for convenience.

I want to know why I'm blinded by giants who see for themselves and speak their own mindless science to sell.

Well, I want to know why I'm on the road. I'm on the run. I'm not supposed to know I am done.
Track Name: Shipwreck And Sharks To Follow
There's an ocean to walk over where an island I will turn surrounding waters into earth and build a mountain to be heard so wherever you are you'll hear me shouting this. Forever's too far to fear our distances.

Conspiring in circles they're smiling in spite of spiraling silently out of control secretly in the sea to our surprise and their relief. Underneath us they're shivering with eyes rolled back to white and showing teeth. They're underneath us within ourselves. They're underneath us now just smiling. They're beneath us now just spiraling. We never had a chance to fight back.

Wherever you are you'll hear me shouting this. Forever's too far to fear our differences.
Track Name: A Set-Up From The Get-Go
Kingside to castle. Queen aged to hassle dead pawns to pass on. En passant. Rookies are leading horses to feeding from heads still bleeding from their hands for cheating.

Runaround in circles on square one once again. Turning down a champion to play myself and win. Beginning to begin and ending in the end.

Woodpushing daisies through dark, empty alleys to their deaths by allies with malaise. Summon Caissa to question minutiae. What answers lie in a trebuchet maneuver miniature repertoire?

Be still. Be strong. It won't be long. They're on their way here. Don't fret. Don't fight. There is no time. They're on their way here. It's perfect. Checkmate.
Track Name: You're Not Above Snakes
Half past a life enough to die out in due time. Forever's a memory and to remember's a crime not worth the afterthought to always remind us not to get ahead of ourselves when we're falling behind.

Why don't you stay until the lights go down. Stay until we're drifting off. Stay until we all wake up.

Eye socket satellites signal sudden violent sights to see the bright side of things on head tripping flights to foreign island altitudes where no one can find us hiding in the darkest parts in the backs of our minds.

Why don't you stay until the lights go down. Stay until we're drifting off. Stay until we're dreaming out loud.

It's like pulling teeth off the carcass of a shadow puppet's corpse to smile at the people that you meet who're just standing up to let the empty miles set before their feet with mouths still open wide for more sacrifice to spirits that don't speak because their tongues are cracked and bleeding from compromises. If I can't keep my composure it's because I am over this.

Stay inside instead.
Wait until I'm dead.

Half past a life enough to die out in due time. The rest isn't history. It's just to remind us.
Track Name: Everyday Stranger
We're out of touch. Inspired by fitting in on the fence. We don't feel much. Admire our insignificance. With slight of hand we turn our coats to infrequency to understand how far we've come to inconsistency. Despite of everything we said we're still trying to hear the words. We're still spinning in our heads thoughts around until it hurts.

Maybe we're strangers making excuses.
Maybe we're liars making empires entirely useless.

Maybe we're out of touch.