Living Head Studios

by Rondo Vega



Recorded @ Living Head Audio Recording Studios.

Music by Rondo Vega.
Lyrics by Ryan Richardson.

© 2000 Rondo Vega


released January 1, 2000

Ryan Richardson - Vocals/Guitars
Sean Winkle - Bass/Vocals
Jacob Lopez - Drums


all rights reserved



Ryan Richardson New York, New York

I picked up the guitar as a kid and have been making a mess ever since.

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Track Name: I, The Airplane
Meet me in sane. I'm down with that. I, the airplane, was born to crash. Dance on the same right wing ignored. I'm the airplane and you're aboard.

What's your madness? As you were.

Frequency famed in turbulence. I'm too heated to cool your jets. Bigger than pavementality. I'm an airplane. All eyes on me.
Track Name: Grilparzer
Looks like the kid is back and now he's made of gold. It's like he never left and made a real good noise.

Who's the bomb?
I'll see you later, alligator.
I know you are but what am I?

He's quite the underdog neutered in stereo. The radio dials will turn me once and burn me twice.
Track Name: Rockstar
I don't want to be the one who has to talk you into things having to do with the way things are and I don't want to talk about the things that I talk about. Just figure me out and move on.

Every rockstar knows not to blow his nose in his pantyhose.
As he walks away, this is what he'll say...

Moving on I might be wrong about the things I'm saying here because maybe I want things too but who are you to think me through enough to thank me for these thoughts? Whatever you are, I'm not, because I'm better by a lot.

"We're the boys with long hair"
Track Name: Five
The turtle and the heartless bitch are never coming back to where they don't want to be. They're far away from enemies. They're never coming back to where they don't want to be.
Track Name: Dratsab
Can't catch this falling star. See me through thicker lenses. I'll never fall too far into all the wrong places.

I'm singing lullabies to your dead babies. I'll pay the biggest price for knowing this.

I am a modern man. I have modern faces. To the rescue of empty vine hung from an old-fashioned Jesus.

Can't catch this falling star. See me through thicker lenses. I'll never fall too hard. I'm the bastard with the modern faces.
Track Name: Finkelpus
It's just a lesson to be learned, a lesson to be taught, a lesson I'd forget but I think that I forgot. We've both been hurt before and probably again. It's just the way that we live life and the way that life lives us.

We'll make love when the war dies down.

Down in front I'm falling out. Tell me what it's all about. I guess I was missing out on you and that feeling.

Against the opposites I found a pretty face still hanging from a thread, feet never touch the ground.

It's just a lesson to be learned, a lesson to be taught, a lesson I won't teach.
Track Name: Burgundy
Above-ground interception
Belabored in code
Considering my options
Depending on this run
Entertain me into
Fitting like a glove
Grounded like a kickstand
Heuristic like a prude

I am electrified by you I will stand waiting patiently hillside, Burgundy

I ain't saying nothing
Just as I was told
King card in the spokes
Leave me alone

I'm underlined.
It's in my mind.
Track Name: No More Receiver
You never left your guard down but you underestimated yourself. The battle scars of the rat race left a bad taste in your mouth.

Should I tip my hat to you being anti-everything?

The captain has gone down but his ship will never die.

If I hold you up to the light can I see what's on your mind?

The ornament of our kind has left his friends behind and now he seeks revenge.

The prostitute of disposition carried out with good intention living on opinion in another state of mind. Armageddon in the head on a metal-scented bed. Is it damaging to think that maybe this is just a cover-up for all the pontius pilates dropping hints from the horizons on the eyelids of the enemies, known as you and I? Better beat them while ahead even if already dead. I just wish that you could be here for me one more time.

Isn't the part where you interrupt me and tell them why your presence should be felt in the way they live their lives?
Track Name: Spacer X
In circles I'm running for love of country, state and mind. Head titled slightly to look away. Left center. Dead ringer for better opinions left unrecognized to ease the eyes of better things to say.

Well I know who you are well enough to know who you were.
And were you who I am?

Upright in positon. Down-syndrome and brought to you by the ego people drawing pictures of safe place. Well-tested existence of heavy persistence and here in uncertainty I find myself in a safe place to be.
Track Name: Cut & Coil
Better days to come and better nights to spare the better living expenses on better home repairs.

You be the cut now, baby.
I'll be the coil, baby.
You be the cut now, baby.
I am the coil, baby.

Safety pins on clothes on hangers in closets for radicals.

You be the push and I'll be the pull.
I'll be the belly that's never full.