by Our Skies Are Noise



Tracked December 13th/14th of 2014 at Mollusk Studio in Ridgewood, New York. Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by John Meredith.

Music by OSAN. Lyrics by Ryan Richardson.

Artwork by Alex Hornbake.

© 2015 Our Skies Are Noise



released January 20, 2015

Ryan Richardson - Vocals/Guitars
Jason Crawford - Drums/Percussion
Alex Hornbake - Bass/Vocals


all rights reserved



Ryan Richardson New York, New York

I picked up the guitar as a kid and have been making a mess ever since.

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Track Name: Slow Blinks
Oh my god. Things have gotten out of hand. Things are not going as planned. Abandon everything and/or be damned. We're all flawed. We're all frauds. We're not what we used to be. We're not who we used to know. It goes to show you can never tell which way the wind will blow your sail if you're not standing still.
Track Name: Carousel
Immune to what we dream. An astronaut will style their hair according to the air. A mouth to feed a foot. A look to like enough to walk the talk about it.

A soapbox is a sinkhole when you stand on it and then forget that you can't speak 'cuz you can't think when on your feet.

We better run now while we still can or else we'll become one of them.

A shallow grave makes a great place to play hide-and-seek from the human race. You made your bed but you can't sleep if you're not awake.

We best get out now while we still can or else we'll become one of them.

Run away.
Track Name: Summon Demons
I've spent my whole life living like a spider on the wall crawling back and forth between the cracks I know so well. If I fall down will I be free or will I just pretend to be?

I don't know.

I listen to the crickets call from where I used to dwell. They're telling me to come outside so I can be myself. If I go out will I be free or will I just pretend to be?
Track Name: Helladelphia
The bridges will burn and the tunnels will flood with the rivers and earth of our ancestral blood. The tables will turn and we'll be sitting like ducks in a row. Dead in the mud with our heads under water and our bodies corrupt by the sores on our skin the bones within us come undone with every new tide coming in.

Helladelphia on the horizon. Who will sing for us when we are gone? Helladelphia on the horizon. Who will dance for us when we are done?

The flames can be seen for miles on the highways through cities on fire burning life in our eyes. The skies fill with noise from screams of the dying crying wolf to disguise that they're still alive.

Helladelphia, will you sing our songs?
Track Name: Sticklers And Stoners
Life will leave you dry if you don't piss in the wind.

You're doing nothing.

Time will pass you by if you're not counting on it.

You're going nowhere.
Track Name: Vanity Pharaoh
This crown I wear is killing me but I don't mind. This throne will surely break my spine but I don't mind. The blood in me is not royalty but I don't care. My kingdom's built on borrowed time but I don't mind.

They'll fall to their knees.

A king not worth his weight in gold. He sold his soul to buy his share. If he holds his breath he disappears. He told them lies to get him there but he doesn't care.

No one can touch me 'cuz nobody knows there's no god above me and no hell below.