Goodbye Vibrations

by Superblonde



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Recorded, mixed, and mastered by John Meredith at Mollusk Studio in Ridgewood, New York. Music by Superblonde. Lyrics by Ryan Richardson. © 2015 Superblonde


released October 30, 2015

Ryan Richardson - Vocals/Guitars
Alex Hornbake - Bass/Vocals
Jason Crawford - Drums/Percussion

* Additional vocals on Goodbye Vibrations by John Meredith.


all rights reserved



Ryan Richardson New York, New York

I picked up the guitar as a kid and have been making a mess ever since.

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Track Name: Your Skull's A Drum
I love the darkness of it all. The way we circle the drain. That ball and chain kind of life we work so hard to maintain. I'd like to see it go down the proverbial tubes someday, sink and drown at the bottom of this hypothetical ocean where maybe it'll stay for good hopefully.

I'll watch it fall away.
Watch it fall all the way down.

? ? ? ? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

We have a lot to say about absolutely nothing at all but how we can place blame if it was never our fault?
Track Name: Lo-Fidelity Heart Displacement
On broken land a great divide is born when a town is torn and headed towards two ends.

Will we find peace of mind someday?
Will they mind when we finally leave this place?

The ancients left their marks upon the stones like broken bones scattered as a gift.

Entitled to nothing. Our suffering's insufferable. We're seeing with dead eyes, looking at life through little windows, missing the bigger pictures.
Track Name: Slowly Diving Into A Soft Oblivion
I'll hang around the satellites. I'll wait to watch the worlds collide. I'll revel in the hells below. The places I no longer know.

I'm miles away from nowhere.
I'm miles away from home.

The stars remind me of your eyes. They blink and burn across the skies. I'll never see your face again. Alone I'm in oblivion.
Track Name: Hotbox Oxygen
The black of my lungs keeps me from breathing. The fact that my gums are still receding. The back of my tongue is cracked and bleeding. The tips of my fingers lack feeling.

So goodbye my old friend.
Goodbye my oldest friends.

The smell of death lingers on me. It stinks of a youth that kills me softly. I'll never forgive or forget your for everything you've put me through.
Track Name: Goodbye Vibrations
Tired of waiting in anticipation for what lies ahead or what I might find when I finally get there and if I'll go back instead.

I am a fireman on a rocketship.

Halfway to heaven and high above everyone but alone in the end, in the darkest of deserts, ascending to somewhere new where I've never been.

Halfway to heaven and high above everyone I'm alone in the end.
Track Name: Calming, Soothing, Caring Neutron Bomb
Anytime that I've spent alone is still the closest I've ever come to being loved by someone.

So I'm leaving you again. Lost in this empty nest, behind closed doors that I won't open for anyone anymore.

Come for me.
Comfort me but don't keep me company.