Demos De Los Muertos

by Gung



Recording/Mixing live via-8 track tape by Tom. Mastering by Sol.

Music by Gung.
Lyrics by Ryan Richardson.

© 2012 Gung


released January 1, 2012

Ryan - Guitals/Vocars
Tom - Bassicles
Jay - Drubs


all rights reserved



Ryan Richardson New York, New York

I picked up the guitar as a kid and have been making a mess ever since.

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Track Name: Frederick Douglass?
Settle down. Put your boots on and saddle up. It's time to ride out of this town that you corrupt and head into another sunset where the dead you leave behind will spare someone else to grieve and seek revenge for their graves because buried they believe they embody everyone around.

Well, I'm dumbfounded and fed up enough to buy the blood from your diamond in the rough by pulling out the red carpet from under your blue suede shoes and use it to push my views onto these new cowboys telling ghost stores like campfire memories. They'll light a bonfire in your honor and burn till they forget the footsteps that you made when you could walk on water.

The part that you play is hard to fake.
The mark that you make is a scar.

For every martyr there's a murderer not far behind with a smile on his face because he found his place as your partner. He's your own kind. You're your own kill. The part you play. The mark you make.

Buried we believe we embody everyone around us.
Track Name: (Sigh) So Pseudo-Faux
You're unoriginal. You're all the same including me, I guess. I'm so ashamed of myself. We're all to blame for this. We're all too lame to notice anyways, so who cares.

We're onto something here already claimed by those who came before us and made a name for themselves. Le (Sigh).

I read a magazine. I turn the TV on. I look outside my window.

I want to be like you whoever you may be. I don't care who you are as long as you're not me.

I'm so pseudo-faux.
Track Name: Meet Me At The Kite-Eating Tree
Another midnight passes with a moonlight's glow on snow falling through the trees from skies too dark to see. Underneath the leaves our bodies grow apart in the mud below. It's cold and no one knows where we are. Our names are carved in bark and blood. A heart engraved above us like a headstone: Here Lies Us All Alone Where We've Been All Along. No longer made of flesh. No skin to hold us in. No breath for us to breathe so we can live again.

Nothing can bring us back to where we don't belong.

Stay here with me.
Don't leave me alone here with these bones, Dear.
Stay here where it's warm, Dear.
Don't you leave me all alone here.
Track Name: No Rights In Albuquerque
Exit stage left to exist in-between heavens of inconvenience.

I must've made a wrong turn for the worse.
For better or for worse I'm here to stay.
I'll stay as long as this curse keeps me here.
I'm here for now. I'll make the most of it.

It seems I'm up this creek where the fish speak in tongues of last week.

It's fine. I'll hang around for a while and bide my time by biting my lips to smile till I bleed, lie through my teeth and talk myself into leaving this place. This place I've grown to love for so long that I can't stand it anymore. Where is home if you're nowhere?

For better or for worse I'm here to stay.
I'll stay as long as this curse keeps me here.
I'm here for now. I'll make the most of it and make it right the next time I'm around.
Track Name: Till Death Do Us Party
A temper. A tantrum. A victim. Example. A tisket. A tasket. A basket of acid. A bathtub. A casket.

You're asking for it.

A monster's amusement. Some music. A hatchet. A gas kit. Some matches. No traces. A mask to hide my face.

Forget ever getting out of here alive.
Track Name: Portland, Oregon Soapbox
You're mistaken again, my friends.
You're just taking offense again.

So get off your horse or come down from your cloud and see for yourself while we ignore you.

Where do you get off? Who do you think you are? Please stop preaching to me.

You're all the same. You say the same things.

You're falling on deaf ears not listening at all. You're all too high to hear me calling from above you.

You're still taking sides against the rest of us again.

Your defense is weak yet you keep speaking down to me. Please shut up.

You're all the same. You'll stay the same.

You're falling on deaf ears not listening at all. You're all too high above me to hear me calling you out.